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Research Opportunities

We offer research postgraduate (MPhil and PhD), internship and student helper opportunities for students to engage in research process and gain hands-on experience in exercise science-related research areas.  Please contact Dr Parco Siu, Dr Youngwon Kim or Dr David Montero for details.

Research areas

Our interdisciplinary projects currently focus on the physiological aspects of exercise and its measurement in different populations and lifestyles and how such factors can contribute to improving public health by addressing issues such as physical inactivity, obesity and aging, psychological aspects of exercise behaviours, beneficial characteristics of specific exercise modalities, cognitive mechanisms underlying skill learning and performance, perceptual mechanisms underlying precise human movement, and the influence of the natural/built environment on walkability and other physical activity behaviours.

Dr Parco Siu

Exercise physiology

Dr Parco Siu


Research interests

Exercise physiology

  • Therapeutic effects of frequency (high vs. low), intensity (vigorous vs. moderate), and type of exercise (HIIT, Tai Chi, aerobic exercise, and resistance training) on depression, cognitive impairment, insomnia, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

  • Exercise and child health

  • Brain health effects of exercise and the underlying mechanisms

Dr Youngwon Kim

Physical activity epidemiology and measurement

Dr Youngwon Kim

Dr Youngwon Kim_Portrait.jpg

Research interests

Physical activity epidemiology

  • Associations of physical activity and fitness with various mortality, cardiovascular disease and cancer outcomes

Physical activity measurement

  • Utility and validity of various wearable devices to assess physical activity

Dr David Montero

Integrative physiology

Dr David Montero

Dr David Montero_Portrait.png

Research interests

Integrative Physiology

  • Contribution of modifiable phenotypic variables along the oxygen transport and utilization chain to cardiorespiratory fitness throughout the lifespan in both sexes

  • Interplay of cardiovascular and hematological systems to determine cardiac function and aerobic capacity in health and disease

  • Regulation of erythropoiesis and impact of lifestyle interventions

  • Genetic versus environmental contribution to the effects of exercise training and detraining on clinically relevant variables

Research Postgraduate Studies at HKU

HKU provides first-class research postgraduate education and learning that meet the highest international standard.  The university has been attracting high calibre candidates to enroll in its research postgraduate programmes.  Research postgraduate students enjoy opportunities to work with leading international researchers and a peer group of resourceful and committed students from different nations in advanced facilities, producing cutting-edge and internationally recognized research work, and developing skills essential for future careers and lifelong learning.

If you are interested to undertake research studies in exercise science-related areas under the supervision of our academics, you can apply for admission for Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) via HKU Graduate School.  Please visit their website: for admission details.

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